House Of Cards

I had to do a bunch of exploratory writing for my writing class, which is awesome! Because I'm LewisClark! I love exploring! We had to try writing things we'd never written before, so I tried my hand at free hand poetry. Just writing whatever came to mind. When I learned about the assignment (due a few hours after I heard about it, by the way...) the words "I do not mean to exaggerate, yet I find  myself living in a house of cards" kept ringing in my ears. And thus "House of Cards" was born. Let me know what you think of it?

I do not mean to exaggerate,
Yet I find myself living in a House of cards
Made of glass
Balanced on the tip of a needle
Perched on a cliff.
 I do not know
 How I got to be here,
Living in such 
A precarious place.
The thought is always at The back of my mind…
What if I do 
The wrong thing?
One misplaced item,
A sudden movement,
The happenings of nature
May cause this 
Delicate circumstance
To shatter and fall,
Destroying everything
 I so carefully built.
It’s frightening to think
My world could be Destroyed so quickly.
My world which has taken All of my life to build….
And in an instant it could Be gone.
Passers-by stare through my walls,
Never before have I lived so exposed,
So fragile.
They stare.
I stare back.
 I know what they think,
They all think the same.
How could you live this way?
 And I ask, "How can you live any other way?"
There is a certain beauty of staring at these walls.
The way the light reflects off of every surface,
Illuminating everything,
Colors everywhere, shining in my eyes.
Obscuring my vision.
And still my mind reaches back,
Reaching so deep, wondering….
 What if I do the wrong thing?
That beautiful delicate house of cards
Made of glass
Balancing on the tip of a needle
Perched on a cliff.
 The wrong thing.
 The wrong thing?
 Destroying it, breaking the walls, shattering them completely.
The wrong thing.
A grain of sand,
A gentle wind…
The wrong thing
And everything is gone.
I stare through those glass walls
On a needle
On a cliff.
And I wonder….
How could you live this way?
And the rock leaves my hand.


Kellie said...

Wow. That was really good! You really do know how to write, dont you?

megan danielle said...

i loveeeee writing and poetry! that was sooo good!!! :) thanks for sharing that! man i really liked that

chip said...

That was really good poetry, Lara! I loved the picture too.