The Music In Me!

First. Everyone. Freak out. A little.

Who am I kidding.

Freak out a lot.



And I'm going to be in town! I've NEVER been in town for Corps Encore!

Blue Devils will be there... of course.... and PHANTOM! I love Phantom Regiment. Almost as much as The Cavaliers.

Alright. Today I've been instructed to blog about my favorite musician. And why.

That's a really hard one, and frankly... perhaps a little unfair. How am I supposed to pick one? A single favorite? Gracious!

I have a lot of music on my MP3 player. I like listening to it on shuffle, because otherwise I'm afraid I'll listen to the same stuff over and over and become a zombie. So depending on my mood, I skip certain songs and listen to other certain songs.

I love Owl City, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Abba, T-Swift, all those guys... but they have their days where I just don't want to listen to them.

So I press skip.

But there is one artist I always want to listen to, I never skip her songs.

Regina Spektor!

Her style of singing is perfect. I wish I could sing like her! Her songs are so light and easy to listen to. There are happy songs like Raindrops, and sad songs like Buildings.

I recently stumbled upon Buildings this last month. It's one of my favorite songs.

A lot of her lyrics are really weird... like... really weird. Dance Anthem of the 80s? Really weird! But it's interesting to listen to her songs and wonder what the meaning is behind her lyrics.

Of course, some of her songs are just weird because she was high when she wrote them... but still. Doesn't mean you can't assign meaning to them.

Favorite of all time?


It won't let me upload the music video for it...(!!!) so click on the link.

I love this song, it's my text-tone!

Alright. Well...

I made sweet pork burritos today. Oh my gosh. I didn't know I could cook so well. 

I may not be Bobby Flay... but I will be.



Brittany said...


Natasha Louise said...

I love Regina tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chip said...

REGINA SPEKTOR AND DCI OH MY ROWLING! Okay, enough of the all-caps. But seriously? I LOVE (guess I wasn't done) Fidelity. And from her new album, Far? I like the Birds on a Wire one. I agree though, she does have a bit weird lyrics though. Like in Samson.

DCI is coming to KU to perform and I'm so excited! My high school's marching band gets to play the national anthem at the show!