My Vice {Not the President kind...}

Look at me. Soft shiny hair.... the ability to cook... small feet... doesn't bite her fingernails.... can type really fast.... good at cleaning things.... I'm everything a guy would want, right? I'm perfect!

Take note of the heavy sarcasm, please.

Ladies and Gentlemen! (I've gotta get used to the fact that no men read this blog... fix that readers, would yeh?)





No. It is not the bits of chocolate inside cookie dough. No. It is not bunnies. No. It is not sharpie pens. No. It is not a toothbrush.

Actually it is all of those things BUT! My greatest vice....


What is my problem!? It really is a problem. Really. Actually... no it's not too much of a problem. I only watch things I like... some people sit around and stare at the television, willing something entertaining to come on... so no it's not a huge problem, but I do realize my time could be better spent elsewhere.

Maybe when my shows are over I'll have a TV free month. When school is out!

I need my stories to get me through school... don't judge.

Today I'm supposed to talk about my favourite TV show. {Heh... I'm British now. Get some lemonade.}

This is hard for me. There is my guilty pleasure... and then there is the one show that is really truly worth watching.

Guilty pleasure? The Bachelor. There. I said it. Judge me. Judge me all over. DO IT. I deserve it. I'm sorry. I could talk about that show... but that's no fun. People watch that show anyways. You know what's going on... Michelle is a tramp, Emily's story is sad, and we all know he should have gotten rid of the other Ashley.

But no. I'm going to talk about a show that is amazing. It is seriously the best television show I have ever seen.

Dang it... I had to go and whip out that gun. Because I thought of another one.

Ok I'll mention both.



This is a science fiction type show. It's kinda like X-Files. But so so so much better. It's based around a department called Fringe Sciences. Basically.... sciences on the fringe. Weird stuff. Supernatural. And they solve cases from there.

But wow. The plots that they have running underneath are amazing.

I'll give you a quick run down.

Walter, the best actor to grace this world. He is the mad scientist. The brains behind it all. He's also a bit insane, but in the best way possible. He says the most hilarious things. All in a German accent. An old man German accent!

Walter had a son, Peter. When Peter was 3, he passed away. Walter crossed over into an alternate reality and stole the Peter from that side. There's more that goes into this, but let's just say it isn't as bad as it looks. Walter did the right thing by stealing Peter. He struggles every day with the guilt, though.

Ahhh anyways. You're just going to have to watch the show. The underlying plot that they have, the emotion that the actors portray, and the relationships they have with each other are amazing. I also love that the actors are nothing to drool over. I mean... Peter isn't ugly... but all of them, every one! No one looks like a super model wearing a billion pounds of makeup. They look like real people.

So. There's the first best show ever made.


Arrested Development

This show ran for three glorious seasons before it was canceled. It didn't catch on. Unfortunately... now it has. It's pretty much reached cult status. It's one of those shows that you watch, and you remember it weeks later, and randomly things will you remind you of it, and you find yourself smiling walking everywhere, and randomly laughing.

This show was hilarious in every way possible. It's impossible to describe exactly how funny it is.

It's a story of a rich family that lost everything due to the father being blamed for treason and embezzlement. There's a selfish greedy mother. There's a son, who though he is a grown man, acts a lot like a child. Oh and his hand was bitten off by a loose seal. There's a son who's a magician. There's a narrator who is almost more hilarious than the actors themselves. There's every person you can think of. I love this show more than any other comedy in the world!

That's saying a lot! I love British comedy! But yeah! Arrested Development beat that out!

I have to share some quotes....

Michael: Are you serious?!
Wayne Jarvis: Almost always. I was once voted the worst audience participant Cirque Du Soliel ever had.

Maebe: Do you know where I can get one of those gold T-shaped necklaces?
Michael: That's a cross.....
Maebe: Across from where?

Gob: Steve Holt's not my son
Michael: Steve Holt? What, the moron jock?
Gob: That's my son you pothead!

Tobias: Ok Lindsay, you are forgetting that I was a professional twice over. An analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist.

Michael: I think the reason you and I always fight is that ever since we were little, Dad always played us off against each other.
Gob: Dad said that was your fault...

Tobias: So what are your plans for the evening?
Bob Loblaw: I thought I'd stay in and work on my blog.
Tobias: Ah yes, "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog."

Ahhh... you see what I mean?


Gob, George Sr., Lindsay, Tobias, Michael, Lucile, George Michael, Maebe, Buster

Well there you go fellas. The best shows.



The Boob Nazi said...

I hate The Bachelor and am judging you a WHOLE EFFING LOT for this. :)

chip said...

You know what would be epic? If you had a talk show. I would so watch it.