My Creative Side

I'm bored. I need to blog.

I've had this frame sitting in my closet for the longest time. When the frame was purchased, we had every intention to fill it with a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. That didn't happen.... we just kept forgetting. Today I got tired of all the shoe boxes in my room! And the frame in my closet! So I took all the shoe boxes and threw them away. But before doing so...

I found that little treasure! My toms box had this way awesome cloth-type-thing inside it! So I stuck it inside the frame. I really like it.

And also my room is all clean and swept and stuff so that's cool.

I was doing my Sunday scripture reading, and I fell asleep. I think I should stop studying scriptures on the floor.... something about the floor makes me sleepy. No that's not weird at all!

I'm not sure how long I was asleep, but I slept through getting a text on my phone... so... yeah. My phone gets text in the most annoyingly loud fashion possible.

I was awoken by a knock at my door, my roommate asked if I wanted to go to ward prayer!

I feel like a total jerk... I was tired. I wanted to finish doing scripture study. But I had just woken up so I wasn't completely rational.

"Uhhh... I have to clean. My... room."

Please take note... this was said after I had taken out all of the garbage, dusted every surface, swept, vacuumed, everything.

She looked around kinda... she could tell I was being stupid.

"You know that feeling when your room feels really dirty and you just have to clean it? Yeah that's what it's like! But I might head up later hahahahah! BYE!"

Yeah it was the most awkward thing today.

Which is saying a lot.

Because I was asked on a date today.

For Valentines day.

We interrupt this message to inform you that Lara has decided she wants to own a star. If you are a lovely someone.... she would love you forever if you bought her a star.

You are cordially invited to continue reading this post as follows.

With a guy whose name I can't remember.

While I was playing the organ.

I told him I couldn't go.... I was going to FHE. And that's no lie. I'm actually way stinkin excited for this FHE. No bluff. For real. Why are you looking at me like that?!

Anyways... I could talk about the weather. I've got a very strong feeling I'm going to get the worse case of Spring fever this week. As long as it doesn't snow. And if it does, I will personally murder each individual snowflake in the most brutal manner possible. I'm that tired of snow.

For those who want to know, the brutal murder of snowflakes involves lulling them into a false sense of security, by holding ice cubes in your hands or leaving the freezer open, and then blasting them with a heat gun. No, not a blow drier. No, not a flame torch (Though that works too...). A heat gun. You can buy those. They have little pictures on them instructing you NOT to use them to blow your hair dry.

Who would have thought?

Probably you.... as you would.


Holly Lynn said...

"We interrupt this message to inform you that Lara has decided she wants to own a star. If you are a lovely someone.... she would love you forever if you bought her a star."

I'm guessing that was totally inspired my status that you liked! Cool! You can buy them at Seagull book, by the way. 3 bucks!

Lara said...

Totally inspired by your status Holly :) In the middle of writing that post, I saw your status, and came to the realization that it was the coolest thing in the world. Of ever.

chip said...

Wait what? 'Keep calm and carry on', what in the world is that? I'm sure you meant this.