The Bare Necessities

Do people on Extreme Home Makeover ever get tired of that guy yelling? Because I know I do, and I'm not even standing right next to him.

Or am I...?

Today I'm supposed to talk about things that I can't leave the house without. But I thought that was kinda boring, so I decided to pretend like I'm on America's Next Top Model instead.

I have discovered the ultimate place to take pictures in my house. Because that chair is bad apples.

#1 thing I need. Chapstick. Not any kind of chapstick, Dr. Pepper chapstick.

But sometimes you have 'those days' where you can't find your Dr. Pepper chapstick. So I settle for my Diet Cherry Coke chapstick. I'm  not sure how or why chapstick is diet.... but whatever.

#2 is my phone! I don't text, well... I do... but I tend to avoid it. I don't even use my phone when I'm at school, other than checking the time, but for some reason I feel really naked without it.

The reason I don't text is because one time I was coming home from a weekend in Ogden, and when we were getting all of my stuff put into the house, my phone fell beneath the tire of the car, and it got ran over. The outside sustained minimal damage, a few scratches, but the inside LED screen cracked. So about... a quarter of it is no longer functioning. Actually... It is functioning. You just can't see anything in that corner.

And the disease is spreading. It's more like 4/9ths of the screen is broken now. But I manage pretty well with it! The only problem is I like to say "neat" a lot, but predictive assumes I'm trying to say "meat". If you knew the number of messages I sent that said "MEAT!" You'd laugh.

Happy Day of Love! Valentines! If you are single today, take comfort in this quote
"Being single on Valentines is like being Jewish on Christmas and Santa flips you off."

And if you aren't single, congrats! Today is a marvelous day all around, don't let anything get you down.

I didn't meat to rhyme.


Shenise said...

I had that same phone! and then I got my brother's HTC, and I gave my sunburst to my mom

chip said...

You didn't 'meaT' to rhyme?