Serious Scooter

It's been a way good day today! It is warm outside! I wore shorts to my dance class! And didn't freeze! Not even a little bit!

So as you might know, I'm in a modern dance class. We did solos a few weeks ago, and our instructor chewed us out a little for using songs with lyrics. Guess that's not allowed...?

Well we didn't want to use any of that new age feel-goodery-crap, so we opted for the instrumental versions of songs. The song my team is using is Clocks by Vitamin String Quartet. It's way cool!

However, I've been looking through other songs by VSQ... and... I think this song is the best they've ever made.

It pretty much is the musical version of this picture.

And this picture pretty much sums up my life.

We're not allowed to wear shoes in dance, but I'm not about to go barefoot on that floor (though I have gone barefoot an entire day of high school...) so I wear socks. And the only socks I could find were those piano socks. So I threw them in my bag so they'd be hidden from the public on my way to class.

I was so stinkin excited to ride my scooter home that I forgot to take off socks. So I rode home looking like that.

Some guy I passed was talking to his buddies, and this is what I dun hur.

"That's a serious scooter. So old-school!"

I don't know how he meant it, but I took it as a serious compliment!

The pumpkin was just sitting on that chair and I thought it added to the elegance of that picture.

Today! I got pictures from Elder Rice. That's pretty cool, right right? Right!

Also I think my mail lady gave me a Valentines gift? I don't know! We just had an unopened brand new Chinese jump rope sitting in our mail box... so I took it and opened it. I think it's awesome!

Also, you know those giant stickers that are on a role of stamps? Elder Rice put that on the back of an envelope to seal it, and the mail office mistook it for the actual stamp I guess! So a letter was lost, floating around in the mail world for a few weeks, because it couldn't find an address on the back of an envelope!

Tonight I'm going to FHE! I have to find every pink-red thing I own and DON it!!!

I have no idea why I like Valentines day. But I have always ALWAYS gotten really hyped up for the holiday. Guess I'll just be one of 'those' people.

Fer-real though. I get more excited for Valentines day than Thanksgiving. (Except for the fact that we don't get school off... but even still.)

Anyways. HAVE A LOOOOVELY DAY!!! {Haha! Get it? Love? Hah!}


Natasha Louise said...

I have to say, those piano socks, matched with the scooter, are pretty much the best!

chip said...

That picture just made my day.