Alright guys! Day 16! The downhill slope now, and then it's free for all! I can blog about whatever I want!

First I'll tell you some not challenge things, just to get us started, how does that sound? Guys? Guys??? How does that sound? Why aren't you answering me? Hello?

Valentines day carried over onto... why, TODAY! It was fantastic. It was a beautiful day, once again, and my Tuesday schedule is beautiful and lovely, and pertaining to wonderful. I got a Valentines lolly pop today! It was HUGE! So I've got this giant lolly pop in my hand, and I'm riding around campus on my matching red scooter. It was a good day.

Then we wrote love poems in my writing class, in spirit of the holiday. It was good times. If you want to read mine, it's posted down below. It's actually not too lovey.... I was feeling clever and snide and stuff.

Oh. Also. On my way out this morning, when locking the door, I noticed that we had received a heart attack last night. From none other than the Beibs.

He isn't very lavish with his heart-giving-ness or whatever... I mean... 4 hearts? But I'm not gonna argue. He left us candy. And his signature. And his face.

Justin Beiber has gone fan-girl for me.

Ok! Today. I'm supposed to talk about my favorite celebrity.

You know, I do that a lot.

Today my celebrity crush is not Justin Beiber. It's not an old man who was smooth with his words.

It is the incredibly attractive

Julian Smith

First off, he's not exactly ugly, right?! This picture is full of mystery and intensity. But then look... look at what he's pointing to. 

A missing button.

Ladies and (no gentlemen Lara... accept this fact...)

Julian Smith is a genius when it comes to comedy. Plain and simple. He is a youtube sensation.

25 Things I Hate About Facebook? Jellyfish? All him. ALL him. I highly encourage you to check out his youtube channel

He is hilarious. So. Julian Smith is my celebrity crush.

So yeah, this is my favorite video of his right now. But really, they're all awesome.

So here you go!


Oh. And here's my poem.

Shall I compare thee to a Winter’s Night?
You can’t get any cooler.
You’re tall dark and handsome, but stop thinking you’re right.
Stop thinking that you can fool her.
Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?
You just string her along.
You’re hot but you’re flighty, and to her dismay,
She doesn’t feel like she belongs.
Shall I compare thee to a morning in May?
With sunshine, and the grass so cool.
She gets excited for what’s coming that day,
Then realizes that it is just school.
Shall I compare thee to the last day of Fall
She knows the end of the season is near.
You gave her but nothing, while she gave it her all.
And you walk away, while she stands in tears.
Shall I compare thee to a bleak afternoon…
You realize you lost her all too soon. 


Leah said...

Lara. I love you. Your poem was amazing. Seriously, I would "like" it if we were on Facebook. I want to click away on the like button!

Courtney B said...

Your blog is awesome!! So fun to read!
(haha I laugh at the Bieb heart attack..I'm totally stealing that idea for next year!!)

chip said...

Oh my gosh Lara! As I go back and make my way through my commenting mission I can see that there's so much we have in common! Harry Potter, AVPM/AVPS, Julian Smith, Regina Spektor, marching band, a love for scooters...