Tornadocane in Yewtah.

Oh. Em. Gosh you guys.

It's a tornadocane out there. You know it's windy when you're trying to ride your scooter down hill, but for some reason you're moving uphill... backwards.

You know it's windy when you can get all the way home on your scooter without even having to kick once.

I'm not gonna argue! I only get mad at the wind when it's cold. And it's not cold!

But I am gonna blame the tornadocane for the mess that fell out of my closet today.... It's so windy that all my clothes ended up on the floor!

First, put your hands in the air and celebrate! Because yesterday, my blog was found on google TWICE because people searched the word 'barefoot'. This rocks. This rocks to the sauciest of sauces.

If you aren't sure what I'm talking about... let's just say that's some saucy sauce.

Alright. For some reason, I do desperate things for food when I'm watching The Biggest Loser.

Last week (two weeks ago? Who knows these days... time is flying...) I ate mac-n-cheese right out of the pot with a wooden spoon. I was too lazy to do anything else to it.

This week, I stuck my tub of cookie dough in front of the space heater on HIGH to defrost it.

And then made a giant cookie.

And I ate that cookie and chuckled every time they talked about getting a 'huge weight' off of their shoulders. 

I'm sorry... I'm mean. 

Another reason I'm mean...

Ok some background first. I'm not the judgmental stereotypical type, only lame stupid blondes are like that. (Joking...) but today I witnessed something that I'd classify as stereotypical. 

I probably would have ignored it, but I almost got killed by it.

I'm riding my scooter on my way to dance class, crossing 13th South. When I almost got hit by a car. 

With an Asian driver. 

Who made a right turn.

{Waaaaaaiiiiittttt for it. This is where it gets good.}

From the left turn lane. 

I'm sorry. I don't mean to judge. But I can't help it in this situation. 

In dance we performed our group modern dance for the entire class. 

Aren't we cute?!

Today I'm supposed to post a picture of my family. 

I love my family. So much. They are the best people in the world.

I guarantee that everyone in this picture is thinking about lentils. Except my mom. And my brother. I think my sister is... but with that face... who knows. My dad wanted to do some more serious pictures, where no one smiles, but we were laughing really hard this entire time, so we had to think of a word that made us frown. My dad said something about sad puppies or something, but we were so juiced up we couldn't keep a straight face. So my brother out of the blue said "Lentils..." in the saddest voice possible. 

It was hilarious, but it got the trick done. 

I'll tell you each a random something about each person.

Brian (my brother): He's my best friend, for real. We can have entire conversations in silence. Not everyone is as lucky to have a brother like I do. He comes to me for dating advice.

Daddy (my Dad): He is the smartest person I know. I love talking about everything with my Daddy!

Momma (my Momma): I want to be just like my Mom. She has so many talents, and she's the nicest person I know. 

Becca (my sister): She and I have the funnest of times. Becca is good at everything she picks up. I love my little sister.

I'm excited to go back to Ogden for the weekend!

What are your families like?


Natasha Louise said...

I had to check mine, one person found my blog on google, from searching 'hiccups' good times haha

Jenna said...

Wait teach me how people find your blog!!! cute pictures! :)

Lara said...

Thanks Jenna :D To find out how people find your blog, go to your dashboard, and under your little blog area thing, something says "stats" so click on that, then under "Traffic Sources" click "more" and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and it should tell you what people google to find your page. :)

chip said...

Why are you only wearing one sock? Poor other sock, all alone...