Snow Massacre

Hey everyone! It's another one of those random blog posts not pertaining to a challenge.

And that's fine by me. I'm getting a bit tired of this challenge, as you can see. I was bored by day four.

Alright. I think I told you guys about how soothing the floor is to me. So I was studying the most boring chapter of Sociology known to man, and I was laying on the floor. And I fell asleep.

Now. This is a picture of what it looked like outside BEFORE I fell asleep. No joke. I took this picture from my bedroom window looking into my backyard.

Nice, right?

I woke like... 30 minutes later to the sound of some sort of celebration going on in the living room of my house. I still don't know what happened, I was too shy to go out since I was wearing my sports bra and you know... that'd be just strange. Besides, I think my Bishop was out there. Even more strange.

I waited until the party died down, and listened to the wind beat up my poor windows. Then I remembered! I had put a letter outside today! But it wasn't taken away! I was so afraid that it had been blown away in the wind, so as soon as everyone had left, I ran to check.

It was still there.

But outside was no longer a sunny beach. What was there before had been replaced.

By this.

Yes, ladies and (stop doing this to yourself Lara, it only ends in pain...)

The slippery walks were indeed responsible for many falls.

Also, I think a house got hit by lightening because there was a bright flash of light accompanied by what sounded like a small explosion, and then sirens were just going going going for about five minutes.

I called my parents to complain about the snow, and whistle I was on the phone with them, the lights flickered.

What's really strange is, I live in SLC, my parents live in Ogden. We're like... an hour distance. But our lights flickered at the same time.

Flicker once.

Flicker twice...

And I freaked out and came up with a plan of what I'd do if the power went out.

Fortunately, my mother was a wise woman, and had prepared me for this situation. This Christmas, I recieved a very nice Coleman lantern. It's so cute! It looks like an actual lantern! But smaller. And RED! I love red.

I look like a mess. Don't laugh. Ok... you can laugh. Just do it when I'm not looking.
HEY! I can see you!

So I ran to my closet and whipped it out of the box.

As I reached towards the nob to turn it on... it dawned on me....

That one thing everyone realizes when they're about to turn on the flashlight.

It's nothing at first, just click the switch! But you get that deep sense of foreboding.

What if it doesn't turn on?

Click. Click. CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE NO!!!! It didn't turn on. Of course. Because it didn't have batteries.

And of course it didn't call for a rational battery, it called for something like quadruple K batteries or something like that... the kind that no one ever has.

Luckily the power hasn't gone out.

But if it does, at least I can feel good about the fact that I was semi prepared.

It's kinda like getting a 2 on an AP test. You're so close to getting a 3. SO CLOSE. But hah hah... ham sandwich. You weren't close enough. In situations like that it almost feels better to get a 1.

Get me my heat gun. It's time for some snowflake genocide. 

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chip said...

Semi prepared. That works. And that is a beautiful beach picture.