Improv Story

We do these crazy writing exercises in my writing class just to get us out of our boxes and encourage us to try new styles of writing. Today our exercise was as follows.

We were given a sentence: "Don't you dare." she muffled, as she...

Alright it's more of a fragment. And in our groups, one person had the paper, and when the professor said go, we had to start writing. We couldn't stop writing. If we did, he'd throw things at us. And then he'd say switch, and someone else took the paper and began writing, and so on, until he said stop. This is our story!

{The color of the text changes indicating that someone new is writing}

"Don't you dare" she muffled, as she 

flew in rage across the room. The other person in the room sat helplessly as he watched in horror. An unseen force tore at and shoved at 

the man, he flew across the room and hit a table, smashing it in half. The girl ran over to see if he was okay, the man 

lied there, his last words leaving his lips. "I... I... I love..." and life faded from his eyes. "NOOOOO!!!!" she cried! "I always loved you!" Revenge filled her being, fingers clenched, and strange animal-like sounds emanated from her. 

With a guttural scream, she lunged at the dark figure in the corner, but as her fingers stretched toward it, it was gone. She flew around, and there it was, across the room. She lunged again, and again it disappeared. She sat in the middle of the room next to the lifeless body, and realized there was no figure. 

Confused, she began to cry helplessly, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, she remembered a chant her great-grandmother, who was a witch doctor, taught her. Realizing there was hope, she began to chant "Ohga da hagen buddah cow, evil spirit leave this body now!" A burst of wind and sounds came and the evil force was gone. The man rose from his permanent slumber and asked "Where? What? How?" The woman shushed him, telling him "It's okay, I'm here now." The man and woman embraced like their lives were ending, the man filled with relie

f held her close. Never before in their lives felt so happy and terrified. 

They were just so relieved to be together again, after everything had almost been lost. 
Contributed by me.
death knocked at the door with its cold, feely hands and frigid breath. But love overcame everything. The power of witch doctor chants and love 

saved them both. So they went to a nice seafood dinner and dollar-theater movie, laughed over an icecream, and lived happily ever after. They never spoke of the event. The End..........? Ooooooooooo.

Well that was our story. Every group had to read their story to the class, except one group who was working on something else while we wrote our stories. Everyone was laughing their heads off, except that one group who didn't have to write a story.

Our professor told us it was a good exercise in seeing that we thought we were a lot funnier than we actually were, since that one group just stared at everyone with awkward expressions. 

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chip said...

That was a beautiful story. I'm going to read it to my children when they fall asleep.