Family of Five

I'm a good church-going person. I'm even a teacher. Yeah. I teach Sunday school. But for some reason, I really have a really hard time focusing and staying awake in Sacrament meeting. Does this make me a sinner? Yes. Will I go to purgatory for this? Probably. So I've had to come up with a way of keeping me awake and focused.

Normally I draw. Sometimes I take notes. I don't know what my problem was, but I wasn't feelin it today. I had to do something else. Somewhere in the middle of the first talk, I hear this rustling coming from next to me, and I look over.

If I said my entire row wasn't making paper cranes, I'd be lying.

By the end of the meeting we had a happy little family going.

There were more, but we accidentally tore most of them in half by trying to make them flap their wings. Note: Don't do that to a real bird.

We even had a Picasso crane. 

See Picasso crane! See his cooky eyes? His name is Warc Contact Dorm D.

So I'd say today was a pretty productive day! I didn't even fall asleep once! Not even once!

Tomorrow I'm going in for my informal job interview. Wish me some luck! You don't have to give me ALL your luck, just a little would be good. Thanks. You guys rock.


Lissa Chandler said...

we're sunday school teachers, too! and i'm a mom and i have a hard time staying awake in sacrament, too so you're not alone!

chocobosam said...
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jacquelineada said...

Were you taking pictures in the chapel during Sacrament Meeting?


Yep. You're definitely going to purgatory.

chip said...

Lucky! I wish I could make paper cranes.