Wakin Up In Vegas!

Just kidding.

My hot night with my text books carried over in today.

At first it was fun, you know the thrills of dating. We were young and in love, my textbooks and I! But I'm thinking they're a bit clingy. 

We've spent all day together. Help. Help.

How do I tell my textbooks I just want to be friends? How do I tell them I think we should see other people? Because really I think this is abusive. My textbooks don't even let me hang out with friends without making me feel guilty for abandoning them.

I think I need to break up with my text books. Or at least take a break... I don't know. I don't want to make them hate me you know.... but yeah. We need to take a break. What should I say?

*Signs that you are in an abusive relationship with your textbooks*

You talk about your textbooks like they are a person.




Lissa Clair said...

it's okay, my textbooks abuse me too.

chip said...

Don't go too far! Or they'll suck you in forever and asdffjjkl!