Hot Date

So my plans for tonight fell through. But that's ok! I've got a hot date with my sociology text book.

I really have gotten to be close with my Sociology book. We're at the point where I can wear my pj's and have my hair a complete mess, and it doesn't care. 

And who knows, if I get through Chapter 10 before the night's over, I might even pop in a church movie! {Best Two Years anyone?}

Today was another one of those beautiful days. And while I was still a bit stressed over Josh's injury, and I was really hurting for Japan....

The sky was blue.

I feel like it was just a small way of the Earth trying to make up for what it had done. Of course it doesn't fix anything. But it was beautiful all the same.

So yeah. Oh! And to make tonight even more better, I'm celebrating the end of one of the ickiest weeks this semester! I went to Rumbi!

I love Rumbi. So much. It is in the top 5 of fast food places I like to eat at. But this Rumbi disappointed. The customer service was top of the line! But the quality of the food... not so much.

But hey. This stuff is always good.

I have this vision. In this vision, there are lots of different kinds of bottles and jars, all lined up on a window sill, with flowers in them. All of them. Yeah. That's my dream.

And this little bottle is the first of that collection.

And this is the start of my bottle cap collection that I just decided I'm gonna do.

I've just decided I'm going to collect bottle caps. And then like.... stick them on a piece of wood or something. And have like this like huge piece of like wood, you know? With like bottle caps like all over it. 

I'm thinking about cutting my hair too. To my shoulder. Or maybe even above. See.... the warm weather is coming. And I want a change! But I don't really know. My hair grows SO SLOW. And the second I cut it off... I'll miss my long hair. But hey. Taking risks! Is my..... middle name? What would YOU do in this situation?

I'm applying for a job. "A heeeyob?" Yes. A job. This is my work history.
Magician's Assistant
Piano Teacher
Math Tutor
Brain Surgeon
Pro Wrestler

But this job... this is a real job! Working down on Temple Square in the JSMB as a waiter/host for receptions and banquets there! It's flexible, they work with your school hours, and it's a real job. Guys. A job. Something to do during the summer. 

So yep! Filling out an application... we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck, eh?

As you will. 


Natasha Louise said...

If you really set on cutting your hair, I'd say shoulder length, but I love your hair, and your so cute just the way you are. Although I totally just want a change sometimes too! Yay for the summer job, I hope you get it!

Rachel said...

good luck with that job! hope you get it! and i'm all for short hair cuts - i want to cut mine sooo bad but i've been trying to grow it out long for ages. once i've had it long for a while i'll go short again. and i spent all friday night last night with my school books. i go out on more dates with them than i do the hubs

chip said...

Taking risks is your middle name? I thought it was Danger!