The Very Good Day

Today. Mmmm today was a good day.

The sun is shining, I didn't even need a jacket! I don't know why that makes a difference, but it does.

All of the snow has melted!

Well, most of it at least. 

My favorite Elder Rice hurt his hand pretty bad this week. And it looked like he'd have to have surgery. His knuckle was smashed, and the tendon had pulled away. It wasn't good. They told him he'd have to have surgery. He went in to have it looked at this week. And..... his tendon was back in place! And the bones were all in line to heal properly! No surgery!

Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries!

Yeah, it's a good day.

Aaaaand it's almost the weekend! Are you getting hyped for the weekend?! I am! I'm going to In & Out with my favorite friends ever! What are your plans this weekend? 


_kArLy[*] said...

oh my! i am! i need a weekend, always haha. everyday.

chip said...

I saw that and it totally reminded me of Mary. As in Jesus' mom Mary. Without reading the post. Wow.