Study Time

I probably should be studying.... but I'm not.

Okokokok that sounds bad. I feel bad for saying that now. I WAS studying. You would be too if you had an outline due tomorrow. An outline that is 6 pages long. An outline for a paper that is 12 pages long. An outline that is worth 75 out of 275 points. But I was somewhere reading about alliance tactics in wars and stuff, and my brain shut down.

So now I'm doing a brain detox... but my methods might be faulty.

I'm doing that whole... listening to incredibly awesome classical music thing.

I'm talking Tchaikovsky. Saint-SaĆ«ns. Glinka. Stravinski. It's terribly exciting.

Today was much better! My shoes didn't get wet at all. I even whipped out my scooter. Did I wipe out my scooter? Maybe. But the whipping was worth the wiping. My brakes just don't work on steep slippery wet hills. So yeah.... it's all good. Safety and stuff like that.

animated gif maker

My bus is so cool. How cool is it? So cool... it can drive backwards. And no one cares. They're all like "YEAH! This rocks!'


Kellie said...

And I'm like lawl. You are a dork! Adorable dork, but still a dork! :)

chip said...

I wish I had a bus that could drive backwards. Jealous.