Winter Wonderland

So yesterday wasn't exactly May Day or anything, it was a bit cloudy, but Utah was showing promise in becoming happy and warm! My roommate even said "Wow! It's getting to be Spring! Are you excited?" Remember that crocus I found?

But Utah thinks it's cool and gagsta to go from cheery happy sunshine land to this in seconds.

Oh yeah and it snowed over night.

So I guess you can say it's cool, right? Heh... so funny. So. Funny.

Now, I'm not gonna tell Utah's weather what to do and what not to do, that usually ends badly for me. But I mean... I couldn't even ride my scooter today. I came to the harsh realization today that the campus is kinda sorta big, and walking takes time. And energy.

I'm taking this new medicine for my ears that makes me hate myself. It's like super fun you know! It's all "Oh, you want to eat food? That's too bad. NO FOOD FOR YOU! Bwahahahahaha!" I've been getting by on toast and hard boiled eggs though! 10 more days. 10 more days of this crazy mean medicine, and we're back to normal.

No silly stories for today. Today was pretty boring. But I do have a funny video for you! Here you go.

These days it's my favorite thing ever. Oh, and Ronnie Howard? Totally the narrator for Arrested Development. There's another reason for why you should watch the show.

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chip said...

Oh my Rowling that was hilarious! I love when she reached out for a cookie and he came out of nowhere to squirt her with theBut honestly, I hate that show so much.