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See Lara.

See Lara play dead. 

I am so physically, mentally and emotionally spent. 

This morning I'm getting ready for any typical Wednesday, and I get a call from an unknown number. Normally I'd just ignore it, because I needed to get to school and all that, but I decided it might be someone looking to buy my room so I answered. 

"Hello! I'm from Temple Square Hospitality at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we'd like to invite you in for a second interview!"

What?! Second interview?! I had no idea this was a more than once kinda thing! So I scheduled an interview for today at 3:30. Please note, I get out of dance at 2:50. And today we went 5 minutes late. And I had to catch trax at 3:08. So yep. Scootered the dickens out of me to get home and get into my suit and get my nylons on without tearing them and ran back to trax. 

I made it through the interview. It went really well! I think this is good. I think it's a good sign.

But yeah. Do I have any energy? No. Daylight savings changes made sure of that already, and then after that hallabaloo, yeah. I'm spent. 

Emotionally it's crazy with Josh getting hurt, and learning all these devastating things about Japan and spending way too much time on the news and *sob* JUST TRYING TO FIT IN *sob*. Alright, maybe my physical is so spent that it had to take some out of the emotion account to pay off the debt or something. 

Mentally, I had a dance recital today that we just finished composing today, I have an exam on Friday, along with a 2 page paper due on my feelings. Hey! At least you've got the weekend soon! Just kidding! You're moving this weekend! No rest for you! But we'll make it up to you. Spring break. Next week. Go to Idaho, have fun. HAH! You believed us, didn't you? Turns out you have to write a 12 page paper on friendship, a 5 page paper on current events, and hey. We'll probably come up with some more stuff you have to do too. It's because we love you.

Psych. We don't really love you.

So if I seem cranky, frazzled, frantic, crazy, or I just don't post.... this is why.

And you know what? I want to wear grey tomorrow. NOT green. Grey. So help me, if anyone tries to pinch me, they will shortly find themselves in the hospital with two missing fingers.

If it feels like I'm switching between tenses this entire post, it's because I am. I have reason to believe the past, present, and future all decided to exist at once. And that's why things are so hectic. 

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chip said...

A 12 page paper...on friendship?! What class is that for?