Elevator Movie!

I was SO ready to make a video of how fast those Joseph Smith Memorial Building elevators are. Here I am, on the 9th floor, headed down, pushing the 'hold door' button a billion times so the elevator wouldn't start to move before I could record the video...

I finally got my camera out. I turned it on. But alas! The elevator had already started moving! Why were we moving? I hadn't selected a floor! Turns out someone else had called an elevator. MY elevator. He got on from floor 8. Just one floor down. And the tension in the elevator made it far too awkward to comfortably record a video. So I didn't. Sorry. If I get the job, I will. Eventually.

The interview went well. I've never been to a job interview so I can't really say.... but I thought it was ok! I'll find out soon if I got the job or not.

And now I'm just chillin around my house. Packing some. Eating some hunk of bread some. (Why is it that eating a hunk of bread is better than eating a slice of bread?) And I'll start studying soon.

Oh would you look at that! It's soon. Study time!


AlixPaige said...

The JSMB is beautiful place. Where did you apply? My guess is either at The Roof, or The Garden. Tell me which so when Eric gets home we can eat there!

Natasha Louise said...

aww man, a video would have been fun! Hopefully you get the job!!

chip said...

Probably because a hunk of bread means it's a big yummy piece.