That Time I Got Paparazzied

Today was a dumb day. It didn't go like it should. Today was supposed to be great. Instead I spent like an hour on the phone this morning trying to get in to see a doctor, and then I had to *go* to the doctor, and I ran into a wall on my scooter and hurt my wrist and then it rained and I didn't have a hat or anything and then it snowed.

And now I have to wait for someone to come look at my room but they haven't called yet and they need to hurry because I have to go to get more medicine and boo.

Alright done pouting. Sometimes you need to do that, you know?

Today one of the weirdest and most weird moments of my life occurred.

I was going to the doctor. I got on trax. I was the only one on my side of the car, and some other guy was sitting right across from me. He had his camera out and on, and I was like "Hey! He's like me! Walking around with his camera on just in case something AWESOME happens and you need a picture right then!"

Then I noticed his camera was looking at me. If his camera had eyes, it would be winking at me and making kissy faces.

I looked directly at him, and he kinda startled and turned off his camera and put it away. So I look back out my window at the silly rain and snow, and then I glance back over at him, and his camera is once again aimed and ready, pointed directly at me.

I could be imagining it.... except for the fact that whenever he noticed I noticed, he turned it off and put it away. I could be imagining it.... except for the fact that I was the only one on the train besides him.

It was made better by the fact that I really looked incognito today. That's my style when I'm out and about. Incog. Not the ugly kind though... just sunglasses and scarf and all that. But yeah.

Guys, I've just been paparazzied. 


Flip Flop Fanatics said...

you were paparazzied because you're adorable :)I love following your blog :)

chip said...

He probably thought you were awesome and just HAD to have a picture of you otherwise he would DIE. So if he did successfully take a picture, you just saved a life. Congrats, your Medal of Honor will be shipped to you soon.