In Recent Times: Deep Dark Secret

OH. Em. Gosh. For realsies guys, I like srsly haven't posted in foreeeever! Lol 'm srry.

In the duration of this blog post, a deep dark secret will be revealed! OooOOoooOOOoooooo!

What all has been up? I've been doing not much really. I've been working! I love working.

Like really! Getting to see this every day? Going to work? It's the best! I love it. And working weddings is a happy business. Sometimes it's like... gah. I want it to be MY wedding! But mostly it's so happy.

I've had some good carrot juice!

Mostly right now I'm just like HEY! LOOK AT MY NICE PICTURES!

Today it decided to rain. Never before have I wanted rims on my scooter as much as I have wanted them today. This was like a full out rain storm. I was hoping for sunshine today!

My house has become a movie house. We've watched a plethora of movies this week. 500 Days of Summer, Charly, Dan in Real Life, Everyone's Fine. My big secret is that I get Justin Beiber confused with Rihanna. Shameful.

Rainy days and Mondays... how was your weekend? 


Becca Smith said...


It's adorable (=

Brittany said...

500 Days of Summer is the best movie ever made. Ever.

Also, JB and Rhianna do sound crazy alike ever since he kind of went through puberty. It's an honest mistake.

Candace Stevenson said...

LOVE that photo of the temple :) and I need your skirt like asap!!

Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

Ashley Whitesides said...

k like the others i adore your skirt!! & boots where did you get both??

chip said...

That looks like a castle! My first thought was "OMR she works at Disneyland? Lucky?" Then I realized that you don't live that close to Cali.