A Satire

So I've got this wicked awesome concert coming up for Symphonic Band. I'm pumped! We've got a neat repertoire going on. One of the pieces we're playing is Satiric Dances by Dello Joio.

We've been having a strange time of getting the style down just right, and today someone piped up with a bit of help for us!

Clarinet One: GUYS! Ok. Do you know what a Satire is?! When you do a satire, you take what someone does and then you over emphasize every bit of it to make fun of them--

Clarinet Two: (In a whiny voice) GUYS! Ok. Blah blah blah Satire?!

Yeah my band is the best.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahah coming from a fellow band geek I love it!

chip said...

Sym band is the best. Especially being one of six freshman in it. <3