The More You Know

Today I would like to raise awareness of Fun Dip. 

Fun Dip is a delightful candy when eaten responsibly, but few are aware of the dangers caused by irresponsible Fun Dip eating. Let me tell you my story.

I was at a sleepover a few months ago with my friends, and one had brought a box of Fun Dip! We were all eating our Fun Dip, when one friend decided to chug the Fun Dip.

She did.

It was messy, but she was laughing in the end! So I thought hey! I want to as well!

We readied our Fun Dip bags, counted to three and...

No one realized that if you tried to breathe or cough or anything when your mouth is full of Fun Dip, you will choke. It will coat your throat. It will burn the living daylights out of your mouth and nose. It will feel like you are crying tears of blue Fun Dip. You will see your life flash before your eyes.

And everyone will think it's hilarious to take pictures of you.

I walked away alive, but I am one of the lucky ones. 

Please, if you are with your friends and they decide to chug Fun Dip, have the courage to say no! Your sanity will thank you.

Spread the word.


Kat Ly said...


your post made me want to try it and the funny this is........ i came home 2 days ago with a random big box of fun dips sitting in my room!

AlixPaige said...

Oh come on Lara...you were the only one that had it that bad.

Sheesh...who's ugly family room were you in? Seriously, it's awful.

Oh wait...that's my family room.

letycerda said...

kat, let's do it soon! i want to beat you in fun dip chugging! hahah Lara, you are HILARIOUS!

chip said...

That sounds like it hurts so good!