The Limitations of Rainboots

I woke up really early this morning (6am?! I usually get up at 8am!!!) Had to catch the train back to Salt Lake. It's been a really. Really. Really. Reeeaaaalllllyyy long day. I took a bath. Then freaked out because I wanted time to write essays. But I checked the clock and it said it was only 9am. Then I exercised and the sun was up, and I was sure it was noon. It was like 9:30. Then I wrote a buncha essays. And not much has happened since then.

Heh. Has anyone ever watched the community? Last week they had the most hilarious montage set to Gravity by Sara Barriellis. And now every time that song pops up, I laugh my head off.

This morning as I woke up, I had a genius idea for a post. It was brilliant. It was so hilarious. I laughed about it in my mind. So. Friggin. Funny. On my way back from class today, I recalled it.

It was something about, I'd draw a bunch of pictures of swings, and one has a smiley face, and one has a sad face, and then above it is written "Mood Swings."

It doesn't seem that funny right now...

Utah has been having mood swing weather. This morning it was rainy. When I exercised it was sunny. When I went to class it was rainy. I wore rain boots. When I came home it was sunny.

Do you know how hard it is to salsa dance in rain boots? Like. Really hard.

Working at this new job, I have eaten over $100 in food. They give us expensive meals. Rich in money. Rich in calories! I've heard horror stories of gaining like 10 lbs in a month of working there. And I don't want that! So I decided to go on a diet. When I'm hungry, I'll drink a glass of water!

Too bad I suck at diets. Or maybe that's a good thing.

I'm ruined.


Autumn said...

Yeah, the weather has been crazy. I keep on wanting to take a walk outside with my Mom while she is in town. However, we were just mainly confused throughout the day as we were trying to plan it. It never happened haha

chip said...

Peanut butter. Gross.