Friday the 13th

School's out, the weather is warm, everyone wants to get married. Everyone wants to get married on the weekend. Then all of the sudden BAM! Friday! No work! We were puzzled until we realized it was Friday the 13th, and people don't like getting married on that day. Some people had actually scheduled the date for that day, and then changed it with a week's notice when they realized exactly what day it was.

I did not work on Friday the 13th.

I did work on Saturday the 14th.

It was like the universe realized what people were doing, and decided to pull a fast one on us and switch things up. Everything was messin up today!

One: The bakery that most brides like to get their cakes from... they deliver the cakes to the room. Then the florists decorate the cakes with flowers and make them all pretty and stuff. (They're always gorgeous! They were gorgeous to start with! The floral department works wonders.) Well, the bakery delivered the wrong cakes to the wrong rooms. We learned this about an hour before the wedding, and the cakes were already decorated with the incorrect flowers. But we are an awesome corporation, and we worked things out like it was our job! (Oh wait... it is our job...)

Two: I was on my way out, and had to take a cart full of stuff from floor 10 to floor 9. The service elevators are slower, so I took the hallway elevator. I was silly, and forgot that after 10pm, the hallway elevators don't work! So I got on.

I pressed "9.""

Nothing happened. I tried the code that lets us use the elevators past 10pm, but I couldn't remember it. So I pressed "DOOR OPEN."

Nothing happened.

I pressed six more times.


I banged on the door shouting for a few minutes.


Then I pried the doors open.

I made it out alive, feeling more than a little foolish, and took the service elevators.

Three: The juice nozzles need to be washed in between boxes of juice, and I was trying to figure out how to take of the juice nozzle, but I didn't turn off the juice machine. Bad idea. I got a face full of sparkling white grape juice. It was actually hilarious.

Four: I had to go to HR's office to request time off. No one was there, but the doors are usually unlocked. They weren't this time. So I pulled on the door really hard, nothing.

Then I ran around the building looking for a clean up crew member to help me out. They are so friendly! They did. I made it out of the building on time to catch Trax.

Honorable mention: It's not really something unlucky, but it's a silly story that made me really happy. When a person places their fork and their knife together in the upper corner of their plate, it means that they are finished. Well, an old man had his fork and knife up there, so I go to take his plate, but I asked if he was done first.

"Does it look like I am done? No! I am not done! There is still food on my plate!"

I laughed and went to clear the other plates at the table. A person would tell me they were done, hand their plate to me, and the old man would say "HEY! There is still food on that plate! You finish that food! Put your plate back down!" He was a riot! I want to be an old person when I grow up.

And now I'm sitting at my computer, realizing that my break is kinda officially over! I start school on Monday. Spanish. I will most likely bomb it, I am no good at speaking other languages...

Maybe I should try British.

Well, Hasta la Pasta.... (My attempt at Spanish.) 


Natasha Louise said...

urrrgh, I probably would have just about died if I got stuck in the elevator like that!!

chip said...

"Well, hasta la pasta..."