Summer Grapes

I meant to type "Spanish Gripes" But my fingers aren't feeling so negative today, and they slipped and typed something pretty positive!

Summer Grapes is still applicable, for the fact that it is the Summer semester and I eat grapes at work if they have any left over. So there. Take that all ye nay-sayers who say "Your blog has false advertising! I wanted to read about the various grapes you choose to eat during the season of Summer!" Fear not. I have discussed grapes. Moving on to gripes.

I'm not handling Spanish well. At first I was like "Hey! This is cool! I can ask people for their phone number, and ask where they live, and ask for their email address... I can ask for a lot of things! I can understand even more things!" So I decided to listen to Spanish people on the train speak after my second day of class. I have no idea what they said. I am severely down trodden.

We just finished the descriptive unit a few days ago. Learning how to describe things. I found it to be very offensive. I think Spaniards hate  dogs or something.

The answers are gordo (fat) and feo (ugly.) 

My favorite was an activity online where there were pictures of people standing in pairs, and we had to describe them. It was easy to tell what they were asking for, because there was a stark contrast between the people. Tall. Short. Old. Young. Then I got to one that was really confusing! One had blonde hair, one had black hair. So that's what I said! 

The assignment answers told me I was wrong. They were asking for ugly and pretty. Who am I to judge another?! The poor guy didn't look ugly to me! Maybe a little scruffy... But not ugly!

Last night on my way home from work, I was at the 900E stop on trax, and I look out my window, and it looked a lot like my roommates were in a parking lot. So I ran off trax, rolled over on my scooter, and found out their car had broken down! So we pushed the car all over so it won't get booted. It was kinda awesome. I'm glad I had that opportunity.

Going to see a Very Potter Musical put on by Ogden High School tonight. My brother is Voldemort. I'm friggin excited.


Natasha Louise said...

your brother is voldemort! haha love it!

chip said...

Good luck to Brian-from-the-past!