If My Phone Had A Face: Episode 2

Once upon a time, I redesigned my blog and made a new post and things were awesome, and then blogger was all "LOL sry, were lyke redoing sum things, so were going 2 erase everything u did."

Thanks blogger.

So here's that post from yesterday, kinda.

First off, take note of my new banner! You can't really tell, but the letters are animal print. They actually have little plants and animals in them. You can see it in the "L," there's a lion!

So my friends came over for dinner, and when they helped me clean up, they moved my camera, and I was camera-less for a few days until I found my camera. (Always check by the radio.) I used my camera though! So here are some pics from before I lost my camera, and pics from my camera phone! 

I call it "If My Phone Had A Face and Walked Around The Block."

If it looks like a polaroid, it's from my phone. If not, it's from my camera. 

1. A new ZCMI downtown? I thought they were closed? Any insight? 
2. The view from the Wasatch Room at work.
3. A wedding cake from a lime green and hot pink wedding! Very chipper.
4. A plethora of polish. 
5. The potato smiley faces we serve with the kids meals. They're thee best.
6. Hasta La Pasta! Village Inn has undergone a makeover. It's much more friendly. Tooooo friendly :shifty eyes:
7. Greek food place. Pretty Greek if I do say so myself. Good stuff there.
8. My roommate leaves the best tips.
9. Another awesome tip, matched with one of my own: Village Inn is best enjoyed at an absurd time of day.
10. Everyone has an iPod except me...
11. My dinner party! Our "family."
12. A cake that I made. It was hideous. But it tasted great! Like frosted flakes! No, it didn't taste like frosted flakes that's gross it-- ugh never mind.
13. When you don't have vases, you make do with what you have.
14. I think that dandy lions are the best. They're probably one of my favorite flowers. Granted, I like all flowers.
15. The Work Place.
16. If you set your camera on slow shutter speed at night, and move it around a lot, you get some interesting pictures. Just another tip.
17. Waiting for the train on my scooter. I'm too cool for school.
18. There's this awesome fragrant tree down the street... it's beautiful!

So there you go. That's what it looks like if you walked around in my shoes for a while. But I wear a size 5 shoe so.... maybe if you have freak small feet too. Then you could do that. Never mind, this is getting awkward.

Hasta La Pasta, adventurers! 


Meg said...

I think one of the guys in your dinner party "family" has been in a few classes with me.

That probably sounded super stalkerish. OK, I'm going to leave now. hahaha

megan danielle said...

i have size 5 feet too!!! and its super weird cause im tall...yeah, awkward. also, my motto whilst creating food is "the stomach hast not eyes" because all of my creations turn out hideous...its the taste that counts! haha

Natasha Louise said...

I have a US size 5 tooooooo!!!! well even smaller, by like half a size ish, but yeah!! woooo high five!! I Love this post, just like i loved it last time you did this!

Becca Smith said...

I wear a 2 and 1/2. Well, I can, anyways. Talk about freak small feet.

chip said...

The dandelions picture is really pretty!