I Owe To My Mother

Every now and then in the life of a child, they find that their mother has become their friend.

I am so grateful for my mother! Let's now remember some fun times that I've had with my mamma.

I went to Disney Land as a high school freshman with my band, and mamma came along with me. Even though I had friends in band, I don't think I would have had nearly as much fun if she wasn't there with me.

I remember one time I was walking around school with a guy I liked,  and my mom called and I answered and said "YO MOMMA! Talk to me!" And we had just a quick conversation, I think she was reminding me I had piano lessons or something, and then I hung up. And the guy was so perplexed that I talked like that around my mom. I just like that she responds in the exact same way! "YO LALA!"

My senior year of high school was kind of awkward, I only went to school for 2 periods a day, then I went home and attended WSU every other day. There was a lot of free time. My momma would let me go grocery shopping with her, or sometimes we'd just go on fun little excursions together.

She was there for every one of my band concerts.

She was there for every piano recital.

She took me to every dentist appointment.

She laughed at me when I had my wisdom teeth taken out because I was babbling like a fool.

She helped me play pranks on my brother when he played pranks on me.

She let me cook with her and told me that I was a great cook, even though it always tasted better when she made it, and always will.

She sand Edelweiss to me when I was a baby, and when I was older, I recognized it.

She listened to minute by minute run downs of my days when I needed someone to talk to.

She listens to me cry to her over the phone when I'm lonely, and I want to move home, but tells me how proud she is of me, and how I'm doing good things with my life.

She treats her primary children and every other child with such love and care, that she's almost like a mother to them.

She would swerve in the road to drive over the bump that I always liked driving over.

She lets my brother drive some times, even though I'm sure it scares the living daylights out of her. (He scares me...)

She makes dinner for my dad every day, and makes their bed every day before he comes home from work, and daddy kisses her every day after dinner. I used to think it was gross. Now it's one of the sweetest things in the world.

She would make me dresses when I was little, and sew up my stuffed dog that always got holes in it.

She would hold me close when I was sick and helpless.

One morning when I was really really little, we had eggs for breakfast, and I ate my portion and was still hungry, and even though we were all out of eggs, she gave me hers. I remember that every day.

And some how just that little action there, I know there is no way I could ever repay my mother for just that action. And that's little! That was a little thing in comparison to everything else.

My mother has done more for me than any other woman. She has always stood by my side, and cheered me on.

I know that some day, if I just do a tiny bit for my children of what she has done for me, I will be a good mother.

Because I don't have a good mother. I have so much more. A wonderful mother. A loving mother. A caring mother. A funny mother. An optimistic mother. A wise mother. A silly mother. A crafty mother.

A best friend.

Happy Mother's Day Momma. I love you.


Natasha Louise said...

This is so lovely Lara :)

chip said...

This is lovely and awesome that you're so close to your mom!