Boys in Boysenberry

We got little chocolates in Spanish today. Any day you get chocolate is a good day. Even if it's the size of your thumb nail.

And of course, when I unwrapped it, my first instinct was to pinch it. So I did. And it got squished. It wasn't solid chocolate. But it was delicious.

And then I was walking down the hall after class, and a guy was at the Grab and Go shopping place buying some yogurt. 

He said "Who put the boys in boysenberry?"

His tone of voice was hilarious. Very accusatory. 

Today I learned many things. If you have face medicine lotion stuff, and it says store in places under 75 degrees, you better do that. 

I let my house get a bit above 80 today before turning on the AC. And now my medicine is noooo good. 

Also. Don't sneeze with teeth whitening trays. I should have learned that the first time it happened. I should have learned that the second time it happened. 

Heck, I should have learned the third time it happened.

Maybe I'm allergic to something. 


chip said...

That looks like yummy chocolate.

vertelle said...

Wow, totally unrelated to the post, but I LOVE your nail polish! It's so simple. aqua over yellow. My two favorite colors. Sorry, but... I'm totally copying that now:) It's so cute!