Collecting My Jar of Hearts

When I was little, we canned a lot of food. And so we had a lot of jars. And it rubbed off on me.

Lately it feels kinda like hoarding.... my roommates think it's weird that I have so many jars, but I think it's really cool! I have this idea of painting them really awesome and using them for something, or something. You never know when you're going to need a lot of jars, right?

So I've got this set of drawers in the hallway, and they've got all sorts of jars in them.

Not just jars people. GLASS BOTTLES TOO!

Woah. We're gettin crazy now.

I'm not crazy, I promise.


Jenna said...

i love the jar idea! so cool. you can use those jars and bottles for so many things!!

chip said...

Those are so cool! Put shells and sand in the jars, and flowers in the bottles.