Monday! Monday! Gotta get down on Monday!

First! Here's how you make newsy nails!

1. Paint your nails a light color. Do it. Now.
2. Mess up a few times, and fix it, and then mess up again, and fix it.
3. Mess up a final time and have a defining moment of life trying to decide whether or not it's worth it to fix it again.
4. Fix it.
5. Dip news paper in nail polish remover. Let the paper be a bit longer than your nail. Dip it. Like now. Do it. It might be scary. But do it.
Tip! If you don't have nail polish remover, use rubbing alcohol if you have it. I didn't have it. But I hear it works better. They say vodka works too, but I don't have that either.
Update.For sure use rubbing alcohol. Works a billion times better. No exaggeration.
6. Place the paper on the top of your nail. And leave it for about 30 seconds.
This is unorthodox now.
I let it dry completely, and then dabbed it with a bit of water before taking it off. The paper sometimes sticks, and water helps take it off easier. But don't get it toooooo wet, because it'll smear the words and polish around.
And now you should have words on your nails. Cover in top coat and enjoy!

There you go.

Yesterday I had a dinner party.

It was so much fun! We had 16 people over. And we just ate and talked and had fun! My favorite table was the "kids table." That's where I ate. Sitting Asian style. Oooh yeah.

Today I had a salad that Marion made me take a picture of. 

It's my favorite salad in the world. I could eat this every day.

I wasn't feeling very well today, so I stayed home and studied some and rested some and Marion went to FHE.

And brought me home a slurpie! Because she's the best roommate ever! A slurpie on 7.11. How original is that? I bet that's never been done. Did you guys know it was 7.11?

Yeah. Maybe sick. But it was an ok Monday! How was your Monday?

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chip said...

Thanks for the nails!