Rock Beats...

Ok I must tell you the best story of a game ever. You may be suspicious, but I promise you that when you get to the part you will laugh. Or you might not. I don't know exactly... since I was there, it was funny. So it might have need to be one of those situations where you had to be there. But it might not. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't tell you...

Should I?

Ooooohkay STOP BEGGING I'll tell you!

We were playing Curses at my dinner party. Ever played Curses? It's a game where you give Curse Cards to other players, and on the card is a curse that you must do. For example, You must speak into a pretend CB radio every time you talk. You must confess your love to someone every time they ring the bell. You must shout out a pizza topping whenever someone stands up. If you are caught not doing your curse, your card gets flipped over. 3 cards flipped over, and you're out! There's more to the game, but that's all that's important for the story.

So my friend had a card that said he had to keep his hands in fists at all times. He got in a debate with one of my other friends...... and they decided to settle it over a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

So they play.

They throw their fists down onto their palms in what appeared to be slow motion...


Sweat is dripping from their brows...


Their eyes shift back and forth in nervous anticipation... who will win.....


Their choices are thrown. One friend of course throws rock. He has to keep his hands in fists at all times! There is nothing else that he can possibly throw! Only that! Otherwise he could lose the entire game! So he throws rock.

It makes logical sense then, knowing what his curse is, to throw paper.

But of course my friend through scissors.

Ohhh logic.

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Kat Ly said...

I am in love with Curses. I have never laughed so hard in my life while playing a store bought game in my life!!!