Adventure is Out There

Well the wonderful world of band camp has come to a bittersweet end (Four more years, anyone?) And the wonderful world of the Fall 2011 semester begins tomorrow! On this very Sunday night I was with three new friends who were all a year older than I, and I fretted about the upcoming year, and they said "Don't worry, you'll blink and the next time you open your eyes the first year will be over." Which is exactly what happened.

Where was I a year ago? Probably the same exact place. A different house yeah, but my lips were blistered, and there was a comical line where the skin on my nose met where my sunglasses rested from crispy sun burnt skin.

I've had an amazing year. I've made new friends. I've found ways to find food in my cupboard even when I have no food. I've become an awesome scooter-ist. I've learned budgeting. I've learned how to run a house. I've learned to do laundry way more than I would think I'd have to. I've learned where to sit on trax, which announcers on the train are the friendliest, and which train stops you don't want to be stuck at late at night. I've learned that comfy shoes are a great idea, but no matter how comfy a shoe is, it won't be comfy after 8 hours on your feet. I've learned nail polish comes out of most things. I've learned how to trade around plugs to make things work.

And I've learned that plans change.

A few weeks ago my daddy called to pretty much tell me that it would be okay if I moved home. And I got off the phone and didn't feel what I thought. I thought I'd feel that I should fight tooth and nail and throw temper tantrums to make me stay down in SLC. But I felt well... okay! I weighed the options right then, and I knew I would be okay if I went to WSU (except for marching band. I'm still doing marching band at the U. Always.)

I thought about it. Thinking changed to praying, praying turned to fasting, and a fast turned into a call to my mom saying I wanted to move home. I needed to move home.

This week I finished the application for WSU and arranged things to move back home in December of 2011.

I moved away a year ago thinking how sad it was that I wouldn't be going home after that. That things were different forever. I moved from that house a few months later thinking I'd live in THIS house forever.

And now I'm moving home knowing that things change. "Maybe instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised."

Maybe I'm a wanderer, but for a while at least I think my adventure in Salt Lake City is coming to an end. And I'm a little sad. And I'm a tiny confused. But I can't shake the feeling that Spring 2012, I need to be with my family and friends. And that's ok with me! And I'm a little excited, and a bit more than happy!

The thing is I'm an adventurer and no matter where I go, adventure is to be found.

And now band camp is over and I'm about to blog all up in the business of these next four months and juice all of the adventure out of it. And then throw it to the side and move on to the next one because I'm heartless like that.

Hah no. I think I needed to live here. But now I need to live in Ogden. And I'm excited.

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chip said...

You're really an awesome person, Lara. Just thought you should know that.