It's my first day

Today was... how you say... the first day of school.
It didn't quite feel as such, considering my only class today was marching band 
And I've been doing that every day for the last two weeks anyways.

But it was neat to strap on my book type bag and roll on over to school.
And it was neat to see all the ickle firsties getting excited for class.
I'm joking.... they're not that ickle.

Mainly tomorrow is what is going to bring me down!
Tomorrow my alarm clock goes off two hours before I fall asleep.
I have to go to school for 26 hours.
And the marching band is boarding a space ship.
To the sun.
Because we're going to practice on the equator of the sun.
Oh, and the A/C is broken.

I'm not even exaggerating. 
So today may very well be the last day you hear from me.
Because I remember I didn't survived the ordeal last year.

But all in all it's alright. It's only one day that we literally have to march in Hell.

So we're ok.

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chip said...

Ickle firsties...=)