Look How They're On My Side

This is a story.
This is not a happy story.
This story has a happy ending.

Today the stars were NOT on my side.
It might have had something to do with the fact that I fell asleep last night thinking
"Tomorrow is going to be horrible."

Don't do that.

I had to wake up at 5am for my morning class. Last year I never took a class before 8am.
There's a reason for that. It should be illegal to have a class before 8am!

So I got up early.

Which isn't my favorite activity. I've grown fond of sleep.

On my way to school, I wiped out on my scooter completely.

I have NEVER done that before! I've ridden the thing for a year and I have never crashed that bad!

But I no longer have an epidermis on my right leg. 

So after gathering myself together, I hurried to trax, and missed it.

Thus, I was 20 minutes late to class. And this was the first day of that class.

While waiting for trax, my bag got caught on the chair, so when I stood up it tore off a zipper tag and a chest strap.

I got home alright after class was out, and cleaned up and wrapped up my leg and made my way to band.

That stadium.
That stadium.
That stadium is glorious and beautiful.
And it is also at LEAST a billion times hotter than the sun.

It's like a metal funnel with a magnifying glass above it. It's already shaped like a cone. 
Heat comes it. It makes its merry way down to the astroturf, which is held into the ground by billions of tiny black rubber pieces, fake dirt, or kirbies if you will. 

Last year the kirbies got so hot they melted the bottom of my shoe. This year was no different, except you can't really tell the difference since I was wearing the same pair of shoes I had last year.

Fast forward now to... hm...... Just to my night class.

Oh, classes were great today. 

No really, my morning and evening class are going to be really delightful! I'm excited!

It was on my way HOME from my night class, I was crossing a cross walk.

A bus was parked at a bus stop, and the bus driver was out front fiddling with something on the side. 
When suddenly I hear a loud shout and lots of profanity followed by "GET OUT OF THE WAY! MOVE! MOVE!" 

And I look over to the side and the bus was loose, and rolling right towards me, and the bus driver was chasing after it.

I rolled out of the way just in time, and the bus continued down the street, crashing into a car, where it stopped. 

And then I got home and ate mozzarella sticks and watched the Dick Van Dyke show.

Today the stars were not on my side.

But today was a VERY good day!

Why, you may ask.

Well today was the first day of my Tuesday classes. 
Tuesday classes will be the only classes in which I must take exams.

And today, I found out that I will not have any finals.

Meaning I will not have any exams on December the 12th, nor the 13th, nor the 14th.

And that is good for many reasons. Some day I shall tell you one of them.

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chip said...

No finals? Awesome! And I'm sorry you wiped out. Hello Kitty Bandaids=instant pain relievers.