Oh hi, no it's nothing really, I just wanted to show you my nell polish.

Because I call them nells. Because I'm classy. Take that Max Hall.

I used to not paint my nails. I was bad at it, and it never looked really well. And then I moved into a new house and my roommate always has the most perfectly painted nails. She said she did them herself, she's just been doing her own for years so she's used to getting in perfect.

And I wanted to try, so I did! And now my nells look soooo good.

This week they were "mint sherbet" colored. I repainted them last night to be "wet cement" and it's super hot to have nails the color of wet cement. Yep.

If you're sittin there thinking "Hmm... I want to get a present for Lara! What should I get?!" Signs point to nell polish.

But not the kind with sparkles in it. That's not my mood these days.

Didn't know what else to talk about. So you get to hear about my nells.

Back to band camp tomorrow! Maybe we'll be a better blogger this week. Maybe we'll even talk about ourselves in the plural. 

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chip said...

Nell polish on my toenells is my favoritest.