I'm not going to even talk about the Utah-BYU game yesterday.

I'm not even going to say that we won by a landslide.

Because to gloat over a lose so spectacularly embarrassing and enormous as that would be mean. 


No, I have a lot of respect for BYU, I really do! Their band students were very polite and wonderful, and it was nice to meet them! At the beginning, BYU payed tribute to the Huntsman Cancer Institution at the U, and thanked us for our contributions to finding a cure. And it was very sweet of them!

I'm not going to talk about the game.

I'm going to talk about Jimmer.

I've never been a fan of Jimmer. But secretly, I'm a fan of Jimmer. I just don't like BYU fans who are fans of Jimmer! Some of them are ok. And others drive me crazy. 

BUT! At half time. I had to go onto the field. For the half time show of course! And I was on the North-East end of the field. On the 20. And Jimmer was there. Standing where I needed to be standing. I was SO CLOSE TO HIM.

So I took lots of pictures. 

They aren't great pictures, and it's difficult to tell that is Jimmer. BUT IT IS. Ask anyone!

Ask the person who took the last picture and let my plume cover him up almost completely. 

Ask the person who is holding that clarinet.

Ask his body guards who nearly tased me when Natalie and I tried to ask him if we could get a picture with him.

Just kidding... I'm lying....

They didn't nearly tase me. But they did say "Stand back ma'am."

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chip said...

Lara…can you teach me how to Jimmer?