Tribute To Childhood

When you're on a bus with people for 16 hours, chances are you're going to talk to your neighbors.

And somehow my neighbors got me talking about my childhood. 

And they told me I could sell my stories.
Sure I could sell my stories, but then you what would I blog about! 
So I'm going to share my stories with you!

Tribute to childhood part one.

I was in Mrs. Atkinson's first grade class. There were cute little board all over the classroom. A board for "100 Day" where we filled it with things that there were 100 of (A dollar, a bag of candy...) 

My favorite was the reading board. We had reading caterpillar. 

What is a reading caterpillar you ask? Well. A reading caterpillar is a yard of yarn with a cute little piece of paper at the top that had a cute little smiling caterpillar face on it. When you read one book, you wrote it down on a piece of paper and threaded the yarn through the middle of it. 

Boy those bits of paper stacked up. When you reached 100, it looked like a full caterpillar!

That wasn't the treat. When you reached 100... 

You got a candy bar.

And a can of soda.

And I was PRO at reading. And every 100 books, I proudly stayed after class to pick up kiwi-strawberry soda and a kit-kat candy bar. Every time, that is what I got, without fail.

I must have read at least 500 books.

Why did I read so many books?

I was a hyper six year old child. I had to get my hands on candy and soda any way I could.


Kellie said...

And it was the only way you got either, also! No wonder sugar affects you the way it does! :)

Kellie said...

And seeing this picture of you and Jess makes me cry. You two were such wonderful friends. I miss those days!