I've been recovering from bus lag these last few days. 

The trip to California ROCKED!

California was beautiful. I spent the day with some friends, we went to the LA Temple and Hollywood!

The House of Wax? Legit.
Ripley's Believe it or Not? Legit.
Guinness Museum? Legit.
Those star things on the sidewalks? Legit.
Those handprint things? Legit!!!
The USC Stadium? Legit.
Losing the game, not so legit. 
Playing in the Pac-12? Legit.

It was a wonderful trip, and I want to do it every weekend!

Except... I learned the hard way not to sit next to Freshmen on the bus. Besides my sweet piccolo girls and Chris! Looooove you.

And except our buses were horrible. 3/6 buses broke down. We came up with some mottos.

"The engine on the bus goes break break break! On [INSERT CHARTER COMPANY HERE]"
"[INSERT CHARTER COMPANY HERE] gets you from point A to point B!...... Maybe."

Next stop..... hmm... Where should the next stop be?

How was your weekend? NOT AS NEAT AS MINE! Unless you were there with me.

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chip said...

Sounds awesome! And even though I am a freshman....yeah, some of us can be annoying. ^_^