Yesterday was a great day! Full of best friends getting married, and football.

Watching your best friend get married is bitter sweet. Julie is so happy, and I'm so happy for her!

I remember when I was 13, she sat by me in young womens. And we talked about band. And we've been friends ever since. 

Julie is like a sister to me. She'd go for walks with me in between Conference sessions and we'd talk about boys, and she'd call me when I was away at school just to talk, and whenever I made it into town, I had to make sure to see Julie. Because she's more like family to me than a random friend.

 She's one person, who I can say with all the honesty of my heart, deserves the very best. She's so selfless and loving and patient. And she has found her happily ever after in Chris.  

And I will always remember what she said to me one day.

"Chris makes me laugh. And a boy that makes you laugh is worth their weight in gold."

Oh and football was great too. I walked away from the wedding just a little sad that my best friend has a new best friend. (Just a little sad!)

And walked right into a football game. And the 2011 Marching Piccolos know how to cheer a gal up!

I walked into rehearsal as it was ending and got mobbed by them and hugs and "LARA! How was the wedding?!" 

And we won the game. Big deal ;)

I think it's going to be a great season!


chip said...

Woohoo for weddings and marching band!

Teagan said...

I love this post. Just sayin.