I just went running, because everyone goes running, or works out, or something like that...

I never understood the point of it. I've tried running here and there in life, just to be able to go to school the next morning and be like

*Hair flip* Oh my goshhhh you guys, my abs are killing me from that workout I did last night... I feel sooooo attractive! 

But I never had the guts to actually brag about working out, so I never did. So I'd go running, come home sweaty, and have nothing to show for it. I'm habitually not obese... (that's a hobby of mine...) so I didn't really GET working out or running.

And now I'm older and EVERYONE IS DOING IT. And I still don't get it. so I gave it a try.

And I still don't get it. Is there some joke I'm not in on? Or does everyone go running to some secret place where the weather is balmy and everyone has bright white teeth and twinkly eyes and ice cream is a vegetable?

If there's something I SHOULD know that I don't.... someone let me in on it. Because I still don't get it.

~Quote from the weekend~

Brad: You used to be a magician's assistant?! Woah! I thought you had to be like a babe to do that!
Aric: Brad, you're not doing so well right now.

Also, lady bugs have been following me around. It's fun.


carlee ellen said...

i don't get it either. i'm not obese, but i sure ain't skinny. running is the last exercise i wanna do!

chip said...

I agree...running is only fun after the fact.

Kellie said...

Is Brad a jerk? Or trying to dig himself a BIG hole? :) And lady bugs like you for a reason. :) Just because you are you. Dont you like my sappy comments?