To Whom It May Concern;

Dear Follower number 140,

I have nothing more to say.

Just kidding, I do have more to say. I have decided on a costume.

It wasn't mentioned in the comments, but I want the giveaway to still be on, the rules are just different now.

If you are able to guess what my costume is before... let's say... October 28th.... (that's when it'll be presented to the public...) then you'll get the prize.

And if there is more than one person, I'll randomly select one.

(Brittany, Jackie, and immediate family, you aren't able to participate in this. Doesn't mean I don't love you.... Brittany and Jackie, to make up for it, I'll send you undies some time.)

Black pants/tights
A yellow or blue shirt. But specifically NOT a red shirt.
Black shoes.
And a small silver accessory. But if I tell you what kind of accessory, it blows my cover completely and you'll guess far to quickly.

Let the guessing commence!


Miranda said...

Someone from star trek??

Olive said...

Yeah, for sure a star trek person.

chip said...

You are...a commander in Star Trek? Or a science/security guy.

Jennie said...

Just dropping by, but I pick Katniss from Hunger Games!