The Working Woman & Giveaway

I really like working where I work. I get to try new foods. I get to meet some amazing people I would have never dreamed of meeting before. I get to go home at night feeling really beat up, but feeling like I did something good. Working weddings can be hard sometimes, because the couple is really cute and it's a reminder that YOU'RE not getting married that day, or any time soon really. But for the most part it's so much fun to see how happy the people are. It's a happy environment in which to work.

But I want to talk about the building. It's gorgeous. The Sharron/Manchester room is so clean and crisp feeling, with light green walls and white trim. The Harmony room has beautiful dark wood and a wall made of glass, out of which you can see the Salt Lake Temple, and you feel that if you could just jump, you could land on top of it.

The Empire room is so old looking, but the ceiling is gorgeous with gold trim and amazing artwork on the walls.

My favorite is the Wasatch room, it was the room I was 'born' in, (the first room in which you work) with a high rounded purple ceiling, gorgeous chandeliers, glass walls all around you, navy blue walls where there isn't a window, a giant fountain outside the door... I'm partial to this room.

But I got to work in the Ambassador room this last week. It's a special room, it's small, and you have to have some pretty legit serious connections to book that room. And I got to work there! The room is beautiful, but it's nothing to the view.

Oh Salt Lake... As soon as I start to think I don't like you, you change my mind.

And hey! I'm looking for a new Halloween Costume. This is where the giveaway comes in.
Comment bellow, if someone has a really awesome idea, and I pick it, and I am that for Halloween, I will send you a prize.

I'm not very creative, so I need other people to make decisions for me.

You have until October 24th, Monday, that's four days. Get CRACKING.


Olive said...

Lady bug. :D Cause that's your bug.

Olive said...

Lady bug. :D Cause that's your bug.

MEK said...

I think you should be something cool! Kennadee is going to be a lady bug for Halloween!!

Taylor {and} Scott said...

smurf! white beanie, blue tights, blue dress. white shoes. super cute and easy!! plus, everyone loves an excuse to wear blue tights!

Earl IV said...

Be a marshmallow.. :)

chip said...

I looove the pics, Lara! What camera do you have?

Natasha Louise said...

This makes me super jealous for some reason, what a lovely place to work!!