Did You Cut Your Hair?

In the world, there are lots of questions, like...

"Are we there yet?"
"What are you doing?!"
"Hey, whatcha doin?"
"Could you be here a few minutes early?"

Ok no more and.... I just realized there are far more questions in the world than I care to write down.

Accompanying these questions, there are questions you ought not ask a woman.

Such as

"How old are you?"
"How much do you weigh?"

Honestly, I will tell anyone the answers to those two questions. I AM a woman... but I have different questions I'd rather not be asked. Actually just one question.

"Did you cut your hair?"

Don't ask me that! Alright! I'm sensitive about my hair if you couldn't tell already. 

There's also another blog I wrote about my bangs growing and taking over my face but I can't find it. If you can, I'll love you forever.

I have this memory, it goes like this.

Lara: "Lalalalalla! My hair is so long and lovely! I love getting haircuts though, it makes me feel fresh and cutting edge! Even though my hair gets a little shorter, I love it, because my hair is long and lovely!
Mom: "Haircut time!"
Lara: "Yay!"
Hair cutter: "OMG. Your hair is so long on this side. But so short on the other. Look at this."
Mom: "OMG. This is horrible. What are we going to do about this?"
Hair cutter: "We must operate now. Or the shortness will spread. And your daughter will be bald."
Mom: "Ok doc. Get the knives ready."
Lara, 5 minutes later: "AHHH I'M BALD!"

This was like 5 years ago. And my hair has taken that long to grow back. And it still hasn't yet. I'm  very sensitive about this. I want my hair long.

And I promise you, every day of my life, someone asks "Hey! Did you cut your hair?"

What does that mean?! Does my hair look shorter?! Am I supposed to say "Yeah! Thanks!" What?! That doesn't make sense. But if I say no, then it's really awkward. 

"No. I didn't."
"Oh. Well you look better today than you did yesterday. So hah."

Thanks people.

No picture for you today. I'm feeling moody. 


Brittany said...

If it's any consolation, I love your hair.

Kellie said...

Ok, people who read these posts of Lara. She seriously is just exactly like this in real life. And that is why she is so loved! funny girl!

chip said...

Bald is bad. Ask my third-grade self.

letycerda said...

Lara, I HATE WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME IF I CUT MY HAIR TOO!! I thought it was just me... BTW I love your hair. :)