School and Germans

I went home this weekend!

Oh... hmm... Um.

Well see, normally I say "I went home this weekend" but it's not the weekend. It's Fall Break WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 

Fall Break somehow isn't as exciting as Spring Break WOOOO!

I've spent the last few days working at the elementary school I grew up in, and it has been a blast. 

Yesterday, destination second grade. Today, destination Kindergarten. So I've gotten all my necessary observation and volunteer work taken care of! And I think I'm ready to be a teacher NOW. It was so much fun. I read a billion stories, and had my hair played with, and got to glue things (because 5 year-olds aren't old enough for glue) and I learned everything I need to know about sea creatures. 

I loved returning to a place I began in 14 years ago. It's changed a lot. But it's still my school. 

Actually, on the day I graduated high school, my mom taking my pictures at my high school, and after a few minutes I asked why we were there, after all, I'd spent most of my life in my elementary school. So that's where we went.

I've also gotten the opportunity to meet Alexandra!

5 years ago my family had two German exchange students stay with us for a few weeks. Alexandra is the younger sister of one of them! She's our new exchange student. And she's AWESOME.

We've had lots of fun.

Pretend that just now you watched a video of the coolest mug ever. It won't upload.... I'll post it later.

We carved PUMPKINS.

Mine is super cool. And super cute. It's an owl. With a mustache. 

Also, I've had my fair share of German chocolate this week.

Riddle me this.

Why is everyone in the world SO GOOD at making chocolate? Oh, except the United States?

And here's a picture of the mountains. To finish it up.

Because though SLC is really cool.... it doesn't have the mountains that I love.


Christi Lynn said...

oh i love working in elementary schools! sounds like a great weekend :)

Kellie said...

You make me cry. I love having you home! Love my Lara more every day!

Natasha Louise said...

Kinder eggs!! Yum!! :)

chip said...

Those clouds look so pretty! In a eerie way, of course.