Skip the Fall

It is amazing, the sense of relief that comes over you after you finish listening to a constant stream of Nyan Cat for half an hour.

It reminds me of a 'joke'. Why would you hit yourself in the head with a hammer 100 times? Because it feels so good when you stop.

Except listening to Nyan Cat for that long is far worse than hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. No matter how many times you hit yourself.

So the other day the sky was blue and the leaves were falling, but it was pretty hot outside. And I thought "Wow, it's pretty! But I'm ready for fall!"

And then the next day it got overcast, and started to sprinkle here and there. 

Last year I got incredibly sick of the clouds. I've got self diagnosed SADs, and it wasn't fun at all. But as the rain was falling, I wondered why in the world I ever hated the clouds and rain! I know I love them. But I couldn't really remember, I guess, what it was like to have no sun for so long, and to be so deprived of it.

I scootered home from Tau Beta Sigma membership education class really late at night, and all of the sudden the sky exploded and I got caught in the rain, soaked head to toe. It wasn't cold yet, and I had no where to be, so I let myself play in the rain for a while, and enjoy it. Then I went home and got warm.

The next day was the same. And I left work and remembered a little bit why I had such a hard time last year. Because it was bitter cold. And trax was late. And people were all complaining at the trax stop. I had a jacket that kept me from the rain, but you could be wearing three entire live buffaloes wrapped around you, and you'd still be freezing.

No exaggerating. You should know by now that I don't exaggerate. 

And then Utah just skipped right over the fall and jumped right into Winter, because yesterday it snowed.

And so now I'm listening to "Baby It's Cold Outside", because baby, it's cold outside.

And I have to learn these lyrics, I've decided. Because you never know when Prince Charming is going to swoop out of no where. You've GOT to be prepared to dance to that song and sing a duet with him. Because if you can't, he's going to drop you like a handful of really hot water that was hotter than you anticipated.

Except you're not hot. You're just behind the times. And Prince Charming has outgrown you.

Here's some pictures from life.

Today I like the Dave Matthew's Band.

And I'm thinking of being a Pan Am Stewardess for Halloween.

Enough about me, tell me about you!

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these images are beautiful. LOVIN' the mustache of course, ha!
xo TJ