CES Firesides. 

You could drive to the Institute to watch them broadcasted.
Yeah, you could do that, and put up with wearing tights and heels for two more hours.
And sit on pews in a crammed chapel. 
And duck and weave trying to see the screen, because the guy in front of you is really tall.

OR you could watch them at home.
Broadcasted to your computer.
And eat pancakes.
And drink cider.
And wrap up in your snuggy. 
It's your choice. 

Ever month we have a lesson in Relief Society on visiting teaching, and at the first off the lesson they have everyone stand up and introduce themselves and say something about them self so we can get to know them and we can see who we teach and who are companion is and stuff like that.

Today, the 'get to know you' thing was "Name something you look for in a man."

I started taking notes, because the room realized right of it was going to be interesting.

Loves children
Really great at service
Thinks I'M funny
(followed right by...)
He has to be mature.
I just want him to be Matthew McConaughey.
All of the things you all have said................................. oh, and fashionable.
Don't you deny it, you all want him to have muscles.
A cuddler
My word is mischievous
He's got to be able to navigate
Buys me chocolate. 
I'm gonna be honest, I just want him old and rich.
EXTREMELY romantic.
Someone who can handle "all this". (And gestured to herself)
Confident enough to handle my family
Cares more about others than what they look like
Wears cologne 
I just want someone normal.
I want a Muslim

Those were direct quotes. 
I just said I wanted him to be musically savvy, particularly on piano. Something about a piano man.

What do you look for?


Rachel said...

I look for a boy who wears oxfords, likes art, will go to an art museum with me frequently, and wants a cat as much as I do. Also, he has to be a cuddler.

Brittany said...

Psht. You know me Lara Jean, I want an Asian mixture of Johnny Depp 20 years ago and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt. Who can sing. And loves Lord of The Rings. And Harry Potter.
That's not too much to ask, right?

Earl IV said...

I feel enlightened :p

Flip Flop Fanatics said...

I totally sat in my house and watched it....beats out walking in the freezing cold to the institute :) I love technology!!!