Standard Time

I'm very conscious of the sun, and its schedule, seeing how I have strong evidence that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

And I've come to the conclusion that one of the reasons I loathe Tuesdays so much is not because I have to wake up so early, but because I have to tie a flashlight to my scooter so I can see where I'm going on my way to school so early in the morning, and so that people don't punch me with their cars. 

But now we're back to standard time, and from what I observed last week, an hour after I leave the house, the sun isn't necessarily up, but it's on its way there, and it's considerably lighter outside.

And Sunday was hecka awesome because I got to sleep in by an hour! And I already get to sleep in quite a bit on Sundays!  

So I sat and contemplated this morning. 

 I remember last year, I felt so much excitement at the switch back to standard time, that the sun would wake up earlier! But there was something.... something I didn't like about the switch back to standard time.

What could it have been....

Oh probably the fact that three hours later at like... 2:30pm the sun set. 

Yeah that was probably it.

At around 6, I started cleaning up my room and making my bed and began to get into my jammies, getting ready for bed. Oh but it's only 6.

Earth. I don't know... is it too much to ask that you just have the perfect weather all of the time? With the perfect sun schedule? I don't know what that would be... that's your problem. Not mine. Fix it.

Like... now.

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