Moody Blogger

I went through a moody blogger phase last week where I metaphorically dyed my hair black, dyed my clothes black, cut holes in all my jeans, and listened to "Punk Rock Classical Piano" music.

Then I realized the latter doesn't exist.

And I realized you don't get famous by not blogging. 

So I'm BACH and you can be Beethoven, and we'll listen to normal Classical Piano music!

Here's a brief run down of what you missed. 

November 8th:
Startled awake at 8am, realized it was 8am, realized it was Tuesday, realized I had just missed my morning class.

November 9th: 
Startled awake at 6am, realized it was Wednesday, realized I didn't have class for another 6 hours. Went to Temple night, Bishop bought white bow-ties for all the men. 

November 10th: 
Worked. A function set for 300. Only 100 showed up. Was unable to get the guts to tell my boss I'm moving. That will happen on Friday.

November 11th: 
Crazy busy day. Involving a sleepover and my little sister. And some drummers. At about.... 11pm, someone said "I'm thirsty!" so went outside to get the drinks because it was cold enough to keep them out there, and there was no room in my fridge. Found a roll of toilet paper with a note that said "We're watching you." Come to find out an awesome sax player caught them before they attacked my house, and got them to hold off.

November 12th: 
A game. It snowed. They had to shovel the field. And fake dirt + snow is a lot worse than real dirt + snow. And it was freezing. And we won, which isn't bad, but right here is where I hit the pinnacle of moody blogger phase, and I trugged home super ticked off. 

November 13th:
Awesome ward conference, but when I got home, lathered, rinsed, and repeated the scene from November 12th. Super angry Lara. Mad at the world, and my neighbor's cat for being so adorable, and such a freak for killing those baby birds, and it would cuddle around my legs and then hiss at me when I tried to pet it.

Freak cat.

November 14th: 
Decided I was tired of the lack of sun, and launched a campaign to my mother for her to buy me a Vitamin D lamp from Costco. 

And I made a wicked awesome slideshow about John Mayer.

And betrayed Blogger to Wordpress for the day, because to turn in the John Mayer presentation, I had to submit it on Wordpress. 

For some reason.

Novembeer 15th:
Class was actually awesome this day. But I DID do the cliche "show-up-to-class-and-see-everyone-turning-in-an-assignment-due-that-day-that-you-completely-spaced."

I typed up that assignment DURING class.

Emailed it to her DURING class.

And aced it.

And vowed to never neglect to write down an assignment in my calendar.

Oh and my band director was all "You guys are super! Enjoy this five day weekend I'm just giving to you now!"

So that's what I'm doing now.

But I'm bored.

But today something interesting happened!

My extension cord was hooked to my power strip, and when I was drying my hair this morning, it started to smell like electricity, so I stopped what I was doing, looked at the extension chord, and saw that the power outlets in it were filled with molten plastic, and my adapter for my power strip was fused onto the thing.

So now I've deemed my room a hazard zone, and I won't go in there.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that it's messy in there and I don't want to deal with it right now.

I'm bored.

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Natasha Louise said...

I had noticed you disappeared! and I'm upset it took me 2 days to see this! I've missed your wit miss Lara!