F'Anks Giving

I got to go home for the Holiday! It was fantastic. 

Right now I'ma just blog about the Holiday itself, because this weekend was crazy awesome in several ways.

Including the Holiday.

I've never been much of a fan of Thanksgiving. People cook for hours and hours and hours just to have a meal that lasts like.... one hour at most, and that's if you eat really slow.

It seems like a lot of work to indulge America's weight problem.

But I always enjoy Thanksgiving, just to be around family and not have to really do anything.

We had a constant stream of family home videos playing while we cooked.

My favorite videos were..... me trying to read Dr. Seuss's ABC book "Five fwuffy feffers ona fefferfiefferfeff." 

The dance party that we had  with me as a 3 year old and my brother as a 1 year old and our daddy. 

There was a video of infant Brian laying on his stomach, and I wanted something on the other side of him, so I threw myself on top of him and crawled over him to get it. 

As we watched that, Brian said "I though we were friends, but now I know that's not true. You're just a bully." 

Then there was a video of him in a wagon, and me pulling him around our garden huffing "I think I can I think I can I think I can..."

And a video of baby Becca sitting on the bed. Not doing much. Just sitting there.

And another video of a different season of me pulling Brian around the garden in a wagon huffing "I think I can I think I can I think I can..." 

A video of me and daddy playing outside in the 2 feet of snow. I just ran around chasing dad, while he'd throw himself on the ground, covering himself in snow. Mom, holding the camera, said "Brian, look at Daddy! He's turning himself into a snowman!" And Brian, behind the camera, either cried or laughed. 

A video of Becca playing with a sticky bug toy on the window, just playing with it... while in the background, hard to see, I'm playing on the swing, spinning in circles and swinging back and forth, looking like any minute I'm about to smack my head on the tree house.

A video of me helping Brian open Christmas presents, then pushing him to the side and taking his present, describing it to him though, explaining what it was, though I know in my heart I wasn't trying to be nice, I just wanted the toy. 

I think my family has a new tradition, watching Home Videos on Thanksgiving. It was just too much fun.

And it started getting dark outside, and my parents needed to give me a ride back to SLC. Dad asked Mom when we ought to go, and she said "Soon, but I'd like to watch this for a few more minutes..." And an hour later we still weren't ready to leave yet.

I think I'm ready to move back to Ogden.

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Kellie said...

Oh, it got better on Friday. You were definitely the dominant child. Def i nite ly. But we love you!