That's right. 

I'm engaged.

I said yes to Paul and Michael Tuesday night, though the "yes" didn't come without a lot of attempts.

It all started when Michael told my sister that if things went south with a certain missionary of mine, he and Paul would marry me.

The next day I found myself in the stands of a football game, with two boys both on one knee in front of me.

That was attempt one.

Attempt 2: About 3 minutes later, Paul had left, but he came back with a tiny clump of snow they tried to get to stick on my finger. It didn't stick.

Attempt 3: This was 2 weeks later. I'd told them I couldn't reply to their proposal because my voice was gone, so attempt 3 they had throat spray for me.

Attempt 4: About 2 minutes after attempt 3. They had a banner that said "LJ, will you marry us?"

Attempt 5:  30 seconds after that, they had a banner that said "ElJay, will you marry us? :D "

Attempt 6: Maybe an hour later. They had a piece of tape that they wrapped around my finger.

Attempt 7: They had a second piece of tape to replace the first piece of tape that had fallen off.

Attempt 8: They had a hair tie to replace the second piece of tape that had fallen off.

Attempt 8a: They gave up. Paul just started giving me all of his broken drumsticks. I got.... 5-6. It's hard to tell, because they're all broken in bits. 

Then Tuesday night they showed up at my house at 8pm-ish. 

"Hey guys! What's up!"
"Oh, nothing much. We just have a question."

"Oh gosh-"

"Will you marry us?"

They brought the ring that time. I gave in this time (I've got 10 days to call it off.) 

I couldn't help it. They had a ring. They were holding my turtle hostage. And they tried so hard.

To thank me for saying yes, they gave me an Office Max card, a library card, and a business card for a hair stylist. 

Yesterday, Paul wore an "Engaged and Disease Free" shirt.

I passed by my scooter this morning and found that there was duct tape on it that said "Engaged :)" as you can see up there. Not sure how the tape got there... all I can say is...

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world! 


Kat Ly said...

Hahaha oh walt, this is so cute!

Erin said...

That is kind of really adorable. I love boy friends.